Plan Your Own Funeral – The Funeral Guide That saves you Money


Creating a financial plan for your own funeral is important, because those last moments at the end of life and beyond do matter. The funeral costs can be expensive and that’s why planning a strategy that centres around finance is as important as those last moments with family.

Make those Last dying moments count

Many people leading up to the end of their life regret not creating some funds for taking the stress around a funeral into consideration. Dying comes all of a sudden in many cases and in other moments less so, but what is constant is the need for making sure the funeral costs are taken care of.

Some people need to have their family close towards the end of life and with that comes tension and heightened stress, so having all the unpleasant funeral guide plans out the way is a good plan for death.

A check List for End of Life planning:

  • Make sure your money has been disposed of and instructions have been placed for those to settle your affairs towards your death.
  • Make sure you state to family and care givers the way you want to be looked after towards the end of life.
  • Make sure the person who you want to speak and act for you upon death has been notified and all other family members have been advised.
  • Where is the place of resting and where would you like to die
  • Cremated or buried?
  • Who would you like to be notified that you have died.
  • Funeral ceremony
  • The party or celebration of your death
  • Make sure you digital passwords and login details are deleted
  • Leave a record that is either a written will or a visual record