How to Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint and Save Money

More and more businesses around the world are realizing their responsibility to reduce their carbon footprints. They are also learning that these practices make their businesses more efficient and save them money. There are companies that can do greenhouse gas emission measurements and calculate your carbon footprint. They can also work out a plan of action to reduce your impact on the planet. Below is a list of things that they will suggest or do for you. Some of these you can put in place without an analysis.

  1. Buy EnergyStar-approved equipment and appliances for your office. Things like computers, monitors, printers, photocopiers, microwaves, etc. can be replaced with more energy-efficient options. You can also find ways to reduce the use of air-conditioning or heating.
  2. Install sensors to monitor lighting needs. If you have systems in place that allows lighting to come on only when needed and to adjust according to the amount of light needed, you will save a lot on energy costs and save money.
  3. Reduce your air-travel impacts. Not only will you save money on those airplane tickets, but you will also be kind to the environment. Instead of flying all over the world for a single meeting, opt for video-conferencing.
  4. Implement recycling practices. Reduce your waste by starting recycling practices. Have separate bins for paper, plastic, cans, food, etc. This will encourage your staff to produce less waste and to recycle what they use. It could also possibly spill over into their private lives and reduce their home’s carbon footprint. Talk about a ripple effect.
  5. Hire a company to do an analysis of your energy use and carbon footprint. They will tell you exactly what you can do and where you need to cut down on some practices to make your business more green and save you money.

These steps can make a huge difference to how your business and your employees influence the environment. Even small changes can make a big difference and can lead to bigger changes being easier.